WWF Proposes Three Govt Actions To Halve Plastic Pollution

Source: Waste Management Review.

Phasing out cigarette filters, microbeads and most types of disposable plastic foodware and containers would help halve the amount of plastic pollution flowing into Australia’s environment, according to a new report.

The report, commissioned by WWF-Australia and prepared by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), presents a comprehensive set of recommendations for addressing six problematic single-use plastics: plastic bottles, soft ‘scrunchable’ plastics, disposable foodware, disposable packaging and containers, cigarettes and microplastics.

Analysing data from clean-up activities, BCG found these ‘six to solve’ materials make up the majority of litter collected from the environment and pose the greatest threat to Australia’s oceans and waterways.

“We estimate these six types of plastic account for 70 per cent of our single-use plastics consumption in Australia and make up 75,000 tonnes of the 130,000 tonnes of plastic flowing into our environment each year,” BCG Managing Director Wendy Mackay said.

“This equates to around 600 million plastic bottles, 7.14 billion pieces of soft plastics and a staggering eight billion cigarette butts leaking to the environment each year, making cigarettes the most littered item in Australia.”

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