World-positive Coffee For Workplaces

Source: Australian Circular Economy Hub.

Our morning coffee routines have to an extent come to symbolise our personal politics. From the cup you use, to the certifications your beans carry and the type of milk you add, a coffee can both force us to consider the environmental impacts of our choices and show others where we stand.

Australian startup Kua Coffee is helping some of the country’s most progressive businesses reduce their impact by delivering a ‘world positive’, closed-loop coffee service. World positive businesses put social and environmental benefits before profits. At Kua, this means:

  • All coffee is ethically sourced from small-holder farming families at 15 per cent above UTZ certified prices.
  • Coffee is delivered and collected for composting in reusable drums to eliminate packaging and product waste.
  • 100 per cent of profits go towards improving climate resilience in Uganda’s Mount Elgon where the coffee is sourced.

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