What Is The Best FOGO Bin Configuration?

Source: InsideWaste, Mike Ritchie.

You may have seen recent newspaper articles that the Federal Minister for Environment Sussan Ley is keen to progress FOGO collections across Australia. She (like all of us should be) is driven by a few simple objectives:

  1. Achieve the nationally agreed target of 80 per cent diversion from landfill by 2030 (we are currently at 58 per cent).
  2. Reduce organics to landfill in accordance with the agreed 50 per cent diversion target by 2030.
  3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through practical projects.
  4. Create organic rich fertiliser for farmers and households.
  5. Create recycling jobs.

So I suggest to you that FOGO is going to happen and happen quickly now. All of Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne are going to FOGO. Sydney is having a lively discussion.

A number of prominent Queensland councils are exploring costs. Similarly, a couple of regions in Tasmania.

I estimate that at least 50 councils across Australia are currently modelling bin and cost options. Over 100 are implementing. There are 578 Councils in Australia so I would say 20-25 per cent of councils have or are making FOGO decisions now. To this end I wanted to provide a bit of clarity for councils comparing options. MRA has now modelled the separate collection of FOGO bins for around 100 councils.

We are often asked “what is the best configuration of bins?”

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Photo from InsideWaste.

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