Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme

Source: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

We need to ensure our containers end up in the right place. That’s why Victoria is introducing a container deposit scheme. And right now, you can have your say to help us get it right.

The Victorian Government is introducing a container deposit scheme (CDS) to increase beverage container recycling and reduce litter in Victoria.

A container deposit scheme works by applying a small deposit to beverages sold to consumers which covers the cost of recycling. When the empty beverage containers – such as those in plastic, glass bottles and aluminium cans, are returned to a refund collection point, a cash refund can be collected for each container returned.

This consultation seeks your views on the proposed design for Victoria’s container deposit scheme and how it should operate. Key design choices such as how the deposit is received, types of eligible containers and types of refund collection infrastructure will all influence your experience with the CDS and how much you’ll want to use it. This is your opportunity to have your say, so that our scheme best suits Victoria’s needs.

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