Using AI To Monitor Plastic Density In The Ocean

Source: The Ocean Clean-up.

A key objective for our Research Team is to provide data-driven insights to help us determine optimal locations for cleanup operations.

New technology and tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) are helping us to create detailed maps of plastic densities in remote ocean locations.

The current datasets were built using conventional methods (trawls) that are very labor-intensive, or less conventional methods (airplane) that are very costly and complex to organize.

The Research Team has developed a more intelligent and effective manner to detect and monitor plastic debris. The team has worked on AI object detection software for more than two years.

This software, combined with automated time-lapse image series along GPS-tagged transects, creates a remote sensing approach to detect and map the dynamic behavior of floating ocean plastic more efficiently.

Ultimately, this growing dataset will help us determine where to deploy cleanup in an extensive area with an uneven distribution of plastic debris.

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