TSA: Striving For Real World Outcomes For Tyre Derived Products

Source: InsideWaste.

The 2019/20 Annual report from Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) shares the wins, challenges and the vision of the industry funded product stewardship organisation that has a new feel and re-invigorated focus to it.

TSA CEO Lina Goodman explained that the organisation’s vision had not changed fundamentally: it will continue to strive for the transformation of end-of-life tyres into a valuable commodity, sought by ethical players for their profits but also for the common interest of society.

She added that, despite the substantial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, some encouraging outcomes were achieved.

“Waste does not stop. That means our approach to sustainably managing end of life tyres cannot stop. Our team’s quick adaption to this new norm and virtual engagement became paramount to us navigating successfully through Covid.”

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