The Benefits Of Recycling vs Landfilling

Source: Terracycle News.

In the recycling world, we’re frequently asked the question: does it take more or less energy to landfill something vs recycling? 

This week, we wanted to clarify some of the benefits of recycling in response to these common questions.

Why should we recycle in the first place?

Every time we create a new product or material, we need to extract natural resources from the earth. Energy is used not only to extract the natural resources, but also to turn them into a new product.

When we recycle something, we’re reusing that material, as opposed to extracting new materials from the earth. When something goes directly to landfill, we waste all of the natural resources, energy and material that has been used to create it.

What happens to something when it’s sent to landfill?

When waste is sent to landfill, it is still covered in the plastic bin bags that have been used to dispose of the waste. The waste is then tightly compacted and buried into the ground. Once the landfill has reached a certain capacity, it is sealed over by a rubber and clay barrier to prevent any liquids or waste escaping. Soil and dirt is then laid for several feet above this and grass is planted to prevent the soil from washing away.

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