Supporting Waste Infrastructure In Regional And Remote Australia

Source: Australian Government.

The Recycling Modernisation Fund has opened a new round of funding to address waste infrastructure gaps in regional and remote areas of Australia.

A key target of the 2019 National Waste Policy Action Plan  is to achieve an 80 per cent average resource recovery rate from all waste streams following the waste hierarchy by 2030. The National Action Plan recognises that to achieve this target, regional and remote areas require better access to waste management and processing capabilities.

To help reach this target, the Australian Government will co-fund additional projects under RMF that increase the sorting, processing, and manufacturing or remanufacturing capacity of regional and remote locations. Co-investment for these projects will be delivered through the National Partnership on Recycling Infrastructure (NPRI) and existing terms and conditions for funding under the NPRI will continue to apply for these projects.

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