Spring Cleaning Sustainably

DECLUTTER – When it comes to spring-cleaning your wardrobe, always remember to first consider – can it be repaired, swapped, sold, donated, up-cycled or recycled? http://ow.ly/eGYg50vYCRl

E-WASTE – If you have unwanted electricals or electronics, ask yourself: Can it be repaired? Is it good enough to donate? If not, REMEMBER, #e-waste can’t go in the bin, take it to a local drop-off point or transfer station #Gippsland https://www.resourcerecoverygipps.vic.gov.au/right-cycle/e-waste/

THE HOUSE – Giving the house a spring-clean? Need some tips and hints that are hip-pocket friendly, non-toxic and sustainable to help you out? – http://ow.ly/hj5q50vYCWk – http://ow.ly/AnPd50vYCWj – https://www.realestate.com.au/lifestyle/10-tips-green-clean-bathroom/

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