Solar Panel Recycling Plan For Kilmany

Source: Gippsland Times.

A SOLAR panel recycling company’s proposal to establish a facility beside the existing Kilmany Resource Recovery Centre and Landfill facility would bring much-needed economic investment and job opportunities to the area, according to a council report.

Wellington Shire Council has been approached by the Ojas Group (Elecsome), which is seeking land for a facility to recycle solar panels and other “renewal energy-related operations”.

It is understood the facility will be one of six statewide hubs created to accept household and solar farm panels.

The 24-hectare allotment in Velore Rd, Kilmany, was originally bought by the council for the expansion of the recovery centre, but will not be needed for the expansion project for another 30 years.

The council report said that with the emerging renewable energy sector gaining pace, Wellington Shire was “well-placed to take advantage of the significant renewable energy investments proposed across the municipality”.

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