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Supporting Remote Learning

Great ideas and useful links for fun and learning at school, home, anywhere.

It's important to us to continue to help schools, communities, students and families continue learning about sustainability and the world around them through investigation, experimentation and action.

There's a wonderful world of information and activities available online, here's some interesting and useful ones we've come across (there are more links on our Resources For Schools page).

ResourceSmart Schools Gippsland

Supporting Home Learning

Your school will have advice and support for you and your children when it comes to remote learning, but ResourceSmart Schools Gippsland is keen to provide a selection of links and online resources to help.

Step out into the backyard, get some sunshine and fresh air, and have fun with these 6 simple and engaging ideas.

  1. Create Your Own Nature Scavenger Hunt (pdf)
  2. Just One Quiet Gum Tree – Gippsland ResourceSmart Schools lesson plan (pdf)
  3. Start An Observational Nature Study Journal – Nature Study Australia free resources.
  4. Aussie Backyard Bird Count - BirdLife Australia also has a bird count app to help with bird ID.
  5. The Great Insect Safari - Yates lesson plan and insect ID activity sheet.
  6. Build A Bee Hotel - ABC's Gardening Australia giving an old TV a new life.

Department of Education and Training

Learning From Home In A School Setting

Advice to schools about how they can support learning continuity for children and young people during disruption caused by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Learning From Home Information For Parents

Advice, tips and resources to help parents and carers support their child’s continuity of learning from home.

Learning From Home - FUSE (offline resources)

Established to support school and early childhood leaders, teachers, students, children and parents access digital resources that can be used to support learning at home.

Sustainability Victoria

More Great Online Resources

ZOOS VICTORIA - Animal House 24/7 livestream

TEDEd EARTH SCHOOL - a month of daily adventures

ABC ME - Extended schedule for term 2

SCHOOLS TREE DAY - Resources & activity sheets

ABC KIDS COMMUNITY - How to home school

NGV KIDS AT HOME - Activity sheets & e-books

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS - Free online magazine

PHILLIP IS NATURE PARK - Contribute to seal research

MOBILE MUSTER - Create your own short film (comp)

BUSH BLITZ - Introducing an expedition for everyone

ABC SCIENCE - Catchment challenge


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