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ResourceSmart Schools Program in Gippsland

At the end of June 2021, Resource Recovery Gippsland concluded its decade-long association with and successful delivery of the ResourceSmart Schools program in Gippsland.

It was a pleasure to involve over 140 schools across the region in this innovative and engaging program for schools that not only fulfilled curriculum, environmental and social outcomes for the whole school community, but was free and has saved schools money through energy and water conservation and waste minimisation.

We have been inspired by the students (our leaders of tomorrow) in primary and secondary schools throughout Gippsland and impressed by the passion and commitment of the teaching community in implementing the program to deliver educational, environmental, social and economic outcomes to suit their students and the broader community.

Importantly, we acknowledge the fabulous expertise, innovation and dedication our team and partners in local government have given to the program. Their ability to develop the strong and lasting relationships with schools in Gippsland has been critical to the programs success and will ensure the program continues to grow in Gippsland under Sustainability Victoria's delivery.

Becoming ResourceSmart

Visit the ResourceSmart Schools website for further details at

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