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New Victorian Waste Act and Waste Authority

Have your input to the Victorian Government's proposed model.

The Victorian Government committed to developing a new waste and recycling Act and establishing a waste authority by 2021.

A new waste Act and waste authority will ensure that Victorians have a waste and recycling system that you can rely on.

Your input is sought on how effectively the model will support our waste and recycling goals, ensuring these services are safe, reliable and meet community expectations.

A new Act and authority will provide the Victorian Government with a system-wide view that will allow it to more effectively oversee the waste and recycling sector, including predicting and responding to future market shocks. This will also ensure that waste and recycling services are reliable and meet community expectations, and contribute to Victoria’s waste and recycling goals..

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Transforming Recycling In Victoria

Victoria's circular economy – a 10-year action plan

Resource Recovery Gippsland supports a circular economy and looks forward to its role in working with government, local government and community on the collective journey toward sustainability.

The Victorian Government has announced a number of initiatives to support its circular economy policy.

Recycling Victoria is the state's circular economy policy

The Victorian Government will invest more than $300 million to fundamentally transform our recycling sector, reduce waste, create thousands of jobs and set Victoria up for a more sustainable future.

Recycling Victoria will drive investment, jobs and increase the waste and recycling industry’s processing capacity.

This will make sure services meet and exceed community expectations—putting an end to unethical operators and waste stockpiling.

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Four bin system Across Victoria

Working in partnership with councils, government reform will see four colour-coded bins rolled out to homes across Victoria, separating:

  • combined food and garden organics (green)
  • glass (purple)
  • plastics, paper, cardboard and metals (yellow)
  • household waste (red).

Container deposit scheme

Victoria will introduce a container deposit scheme (CDS) by 2022/23 which will work alongside the new household waste collection system.

It will make recycling easier outside the home.

The community and the recycling industry will be consulted about how a new container deposit scheme in Victoria will work.

Strengthening Industry

As part of a nearly $100 million industry and infrastructure investment package, the Government will:

  • drive research
  • expand the local processing and manufacturing industry
  • create more products from recyclable materials
  • support new local jobs.

Waste as an Essential Service

Making waste an essential service ensures that Victorians are getting the same basic and reliable standard of service – wherever they live.

It will also strengthen accountability of waste service providers and the stability of the Victorian system in the long-term.

The Essential Services Commission is determining the best form of regulation required.


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