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Regional Litter and Illegal Dumping Plan

Action to reduce litter and Illegal dumping in Gippsland

Litter and illegal dumping of household and industrial waste are persistent problems in Victoria. While littering attitudes and behaviours have improved we need continued action to reduce littering and illegal dumping across the state.

What is litter? Litter is broadly defined as small items of waste that is disposed of inappropriately.

What is illegal dumping? Illegal dumping is broadly defined as larger items, such as bigger than a shopping bag, disposed of inappropriately.

Funding has been provided to develop a Regional Litter and Illegal Dumping Plan that identifies key actions, such as education, awareness and enforcement initiatives as well as improved litter infrastructure, to address local litter and illegal dumping issues.

The regional plan will identify and prioritise the top five litter and illegal dumping (in total) issues for the region and develop an action plan that can be used to apply for external funding as it becomes available.


Gippsland Shaping Its Future


A big thank you to the many people in Gippsland who did the litter and illegal dumping survey.

Now come and find out what the survey results tell us and help us shape priorities and actions for the regional plan in preparation for its submission to state government.

Workshops - 19 or 20 August 2019

We welcome our facilitator, Rob Curnow, social psychologist and internationally renowned littering behaviour expert. With his engaging, interactive, no-nonsense approach to collaborative group work, Rob will help us understand the data and survey results and to consider priorities and practical change initiatives.

  • Hear and discuss the results of the community survey, and litter and illegal dumping data collected from across the region.
  • Discuss the top litter and illegal dumping priorities for the region.
  • Discuss high-level actions and timelines for the Regional Plan to apply for external funding.

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The Plan

In June 2019, the Goulburn Valley, Gippsland, Loddon Mallee and North East Waste and Resource Recovery Groups (WRRGs), collaborated to successfully obtain funding from Sustainability Victoria to develop a Regional Litter and Illegal Dumping Plan for each group.

The plan will identify the top five litter and illegal dumping priorities for each region and will include an action plan that will be used to seek external funding to implement.

In developing this plan, we are seeking to understand and investigate the community’s views, concerns and priorities about litter and illegal dumping.

Key components of its development is a community survey and targeted stakeholder workshops.

The plan will be the result of a partnership between councils, state government departments and agencies, along with community and environmental groups and will draw on local evidence to identify the top five litter and illegal dumping priorities for the region.

How will the Plan be implemented?
The three- to five-year action plan will include a variety of activities or interventions to reduce and prevent the top five (in total) litter / illegal dumping issues identified in the plan. It will include low cost actions that can be taken now as well as activities that will be ready to apply for funding as it becomes available.

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