Revamping Gippsland’s Waste and Resource Recovery

Servicing over 130,000 households, Gippsland’s six councils manage the collection, transport, and processing of approximately 100,000 tonnes of kerbside waste and recycling each year.

With the region’s population predicted to increase from 271,000 to 330,000 by 2031, the way in which this material is collected, transported, sorted, processed, and recycled is vital to public and environmental health, local economies, and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Dick Ellis, Chair of Resource Recovery Gippsland, state government, local councils and the resource recovery sector are working together to foster innovation and create efficiencies that encourage waste reduction and contribute to the region’s transition toward a low carbon, circular economy.

“Reform to kerbside collection services across Victoria is being led by the state government through its $515 million transformation of the waste and recycling sector.

“Gippsland is well placed to revamp its approach to waste management and recycling as all six councils have joined with Resource Recovery Gippsland in the planning and delivery of the Gippswide Kerbside collaborative procurement project.

“Kerbside waste management costs Gippsland in the vicinity of $30 million per year,” explained Mr Ellis. “By taking a regional approach through Gippswide Kerbside, council collaboration will promote cost and resource efficiencies that will benefit local rate payers and communities and, importantly, will reduce waste to landfill.”

This collaborative procurement approach will provide Gippsland with opportunities for improved materials processing and will stimulate investment in infrastructure and create jobs. It will also encourage local capacity to support clean technologies and explore new markets for recycled materials.

Gippswide Kerbside provides the opportunity for the waste and recycling sector to shine a light on best practice processing of food and garden organics (FOGO), glass and mixed recycling, household rubbish, and the collection and transport of these materials collected at kerbside.

Waste collection and transport is the project’s current focus, with calls to the logistics and waste management sectors to put their best foot forward and tender for service delivery to households across the region.

“Gippswide Kerbside has been the perfect vehicle through which to take a fresh look at the way in which waste and resource recovery is serviced into the future in Gippsland,” said Mr Ellis.

“Importantly, the project will enable the region to capitalise on opportunities generated by the establishment of Recycling Victoria and will allow the sector to contribute effectively to a sustainable and thriving circular economy.”

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