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Gippswide Kerbside

Valuing waste as a resource and focusing on resource recovery is vital to sustainability and makes sense for Gippsland.

These priorities not only bring with them economic, environmental, and social benefits but are key to the region minimising waste to landfill and moving toward a low carbon, circular economy.

Over the next 20-30 years Gippsland will be one of the state’s fastest growing regions presenting the resource recovery sector with challenges and opportunities to sustainably accommodate this rapid growth.



Resource Recovery Gippsland has been working with the region's six councils on a collaborative procurement project known as Gippswide Kerbside.

The project will enable the region's waste management and resource recovery sector to transition toward a low carbon, circular economy and be best placed to leverage market efficiencies, economic development opportunities and positive environmental outcomes.

This collaborative procurement approach is consistent with the requirements of the Recycling Victoria Policy and each of Gippsland's six councils has signed an Memorandum of Understanding in order to progress.


  • Gippsland's kerbside waste management sector services households at a cost around $27million per annum
  • Six councils provide kerbside collection to 130,000 households across a region of 41,000 square km (18% of Victoria)
  • A fleet of 68 trucks collect around 100,000 tonnes of waste from kerbside bins per annum
  • On average, in Gippsland, 52% of waste collected at kerbside goes to landfill and 48% of material is recovered (recycled, reused, repurposed).


New infrastructure and solutions will be required across the region to ensure the waste management needs of the region are met effectively, economically and sustainably.

Gippswide Kerbside is designed to secure the region's waste management capacity and capability into the future through region-wide collaborative procurement that delivers:

  • increased resource recovery and decreased landfill through best practice and innovation
  • cost effectiveness and economies of scale
  • emissions reductions and transition to a low carbon economy
  • regional investment in value added services and infrastructure
  • increased local employment and procurement opportunities
  • scalability providing the capacity to accept and process additional volume from other areas
  • awareness raising and engagement that enables waste minimisation within households and at kerbside
  • a move to a sustainable regional circular economy model.



With a memorandum of understanding with each Gippsland council in place, Gippswide Kerbside is progressing to market through a tender process. There will be four separate tenders:

  1. Organics (FOGO) Processing
  2. Residual Waste Processing
  3. Comingled Recycling Processing
  4. Collection and Transport.

The Organics (FOGO) Processing Tender will be released August 2021.
Details regarding opening and closing dates for tender submissions and the submission process itself will be confirmed on this website and publicised in local Gippsland newspapers and in The Age. 


Matthew Peake - Executive Officer
Resource Recovery Gippsland
M: 0419 172 889 


Alison Taylor - Acting Manager, Strategic Projects
Resource Recovery Gippsland
M: 0409 879 910


Media Releases


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