ReMade In Australia

Source: Australian Government.

Recycling. It has the power to breathe new life into old things.

The Australian Government is helping industry to transform your recycled rubbish into all sorts of things that definitely aren’t rubbish. Like old plastic bottles into playgrounds, used tyres into brand new roads and mobile phones back into cutting-edge electronics.

Product stewardship in Australia

Everyone who imports, designs, produces, sells, uses and disposes of products has a shared responsibility to reduce the environmental and human health and safety impacts of those products.

Product stewardship schemes support the environmentally sound management of products and materials over their life. This includes at the end of their useful life. These arrangements may be voluntary, mandatory or shared with industry.

“We’re looking at waste materials that can be used in re-manufacturing and can therefore create value. All kinds of materials can be brought back to life and reformed.”

Professor Veena Sahajwalla
NSW Australian of the Year

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