REDcycle Turns 10!

Source: RED Group.

That’s right, REDcycle has been recovering post-consumer soft plastics in Australia since September 2011.

To date we have diverted over 3 billion pieces of soft plastic waste from landfill. Every single day we now recover almost 3 million pieces of soft plastic from around the country – every single day!

REDcycle’s success wouldn’t have been possible without our product stewardship model, where everyone involved in the lifecycle of soft plastic packaging plays a role in the end of life outcome. We want to take this opportunity to thank brand owners, retailers, recyclers, and Australian consumers, for embracing REDcycle and soft plastics recycling.

Vital to the ongoing success of REDcycle will be more Australians embracing the circular economy which drives the pull-through of materials into end markets, by councils, companies and consumers.

“Nothing is truly recycled until recovered material is manufactured into new products containing recycled content, whether it is product packaging, outdoor furniture, signage, or road base, and those products are introduced into the market. It is vital to support the procurement of Australian made products with recycled content to ensure there is ongoing demand for soft plastic recovered by REDcycle.“ – Elizabeth Kasell, Founder, REDcycle.

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