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Gippslanders Continue Recycling

There is a strong and clear message encouraging Gippslanders to continue their great track record with recycling across the region.

Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) issued a ‘Minor Works Pollution Abatement Notice’ to SKM’s processing facilities at Coolaroo and Laverton for stockpiling unacceptable amounts of recyclable material.

As an interim measure, this resulted in some councils outside of Gippsland being forced to send this material to landfill.

According to the Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group’s executive officer Matthew Peake, Gippsland’s six councils were not affected by SKM’s non-compliance.

“Recycling contractors engaged by councils in Gippsland include Polytrade, Visy Industries, Dasma and Tambo Waste,” said Mr Peake. “The collection, storage and processing operations councils and contractors have in place are meeting the recycling needs of the region and the compliance requirements of the EPA.”

“I can confirm that it’s business as usual for Gippsland’s recycling sector. The community can be confident in their local recycling services.”
Approximately 25,000 tonnes of recyclables are collected from kerbsides across Gippsland, equating to around 200kg per household each year.

Chair of the Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group, Dick Ellis added, “Since 2001, the total amount of recyclable material collected from Gippsland households has increased significantly. Residents are encouraged to continue recycling as normal and, importantly, continue to carefully separate recyclables from non-recyclable materials and place them in the correct bin.”

“It’s crucial that we all maintain our commitment to recycling, it not only benefits home, work and community, but it benefits the local economy and environment.”
For further information regarding recycling in your area, please contact your local council or visit their website.

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