Morris’ Compost Project Saves Aged Care Food Waste From Landfill

Source: ABC Gippsland

Former ABC Gippsland Gardening presenter and celebrity green thumb Morris Holmes, has been turning the food scraps of the Wilson Lodge Aged Care facility and Central Gippsland Health Service in Sale into compost.

The pet project for the sustainably minded octogenarian, sees Morris set out on his scooter each day, to collect around 5kg of organic food waste which has generated around 3000 worms so far. The food waste includes vegetable peelings from the kitchen and discarded waste from dinner plates, which is churned through rather quickly by the worms each day.

Wellington Shire Council’s Sustainability Education Officer Raquel Harris has been implementing similar programs across the schools, kindergartens and neighbourhood houses across the shire.

“Central Gippsland Health generates around 5kg per day of mixed food scraps and around 1,000 egg shells per week,” Ms Harris said.

The two large compost/worm farms, attended to by Morris, were established at Wilson Lodge, in September 2019.

“It’s fantastic to have Morris’ enthusiasm and dedication to ensure the worm farms are successful and he is also teaching other nursing home residents about them.”

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