Have A Sustainable School Year

With the new school year just around the corner, there is an array of information out there on how we can all make 2022 a bit more sustainability focused without it having a big impact on the hip-pocket.

Below are some links to useful tips and ideas to help you and your kids maximise resources and minimise waste, some of the articles may be old but the principles and practices are not only current but enduring…

Greenpeace – 6 tips or a sustainable school year

  • Look at what you have left-over from last year
  • Look for toxics-free technology
  • And avoid toxics in stationery supplies
  • Try to pick local and organic produce for school lunches
  • If you’re including seafood, make it sustainable!
  • Find second-hand clothing.

PlanetArk – a sustainable start to school

  • Waste-free lunch kit
  • Sustainable stationary
  • Choose second-hand
  • Speak up.

Victorian Government – 10 ways to go back to school sustainably

  • Get the school community involved
  • Make lunch environmentally-friendly
  • Make your own snacks
  • Get more value out of dinner
  • Bring your own cup
  • Get more out of old stationery
  • Reuse and recycle books and uniforms
  • Give a new life to a pre-loved instrument
  • Ditch the car
  • Build a sustainable study space.
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