Gippsland Regional Organics

Source: Gippsland Water.

Previously the Soil & Organics Recycling Facity (SORF), we opened in 2008 and is an EPA-licensed waste treatment and compositing facility.
We operate on 356 hectares within Gippsland Water’s 8000 hectare Dutson Downs land holding near sale.
At Gippsland Regional Organics, we use multiple methods to turn waste into compost – reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Each year we accept up to 250,000 tonnes of waste (including industrial and reportable priority waste) and manufacture approximately 60,000 tonnes of compost certified to Australian standards.
Our team are busy out in the field processing one of our 75 windrows of product currently on site.
It takes our team about 30 minutes to move this green machine (known as a windrow turner) over one windrow – which is about 200 metres long! This happens about 15 times during our composting process.
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