Gippsland Local Government Waste Forum

Valuing waste as a resource and focusing on resource recovery is vital to sustainability and makes sense for Gippsland.

These priorities not only bring with them economic, environmental, and social benefits but are key to the region minimising waste to landfill and moving toward a low carbon, circular economy.

Supporting the region in this journey is the Gippsland Local Government Waste Forum. The Forum consists of representatives from each of Gippsland’s six shire councils and is a conduit through which local government advise state government agencies on waste and resource recovery matters.

At its most recent meeting, Latrobe City Councillor Graeme Middlemiss was confirmed as Chair of the Forum and steps into the role at a time when the resource recovery sector is experiencing change, challenge, and great opportunity.

“The Forum plays a critical role in ensuring good debate and consideration of the issues and prospects facing Gippsland’s waste management and resource recovery sectors,” said Cr Middlemiss.

“Clear and open communication between local government and Resource Recovery Gippsland results in strong advocacy for Gippsland at a state government level.”

According to Matthew Peake, Resource Recovery Gippsland executive officer, a key item for examination at the Forum’s April meeting was the Gippswide Kerbside project; a collaborative procurement project supported by all six councils.

“With Gippsland projected to be one of the state’s fastest growing regions over the next 20-30 years, service innovations and new infrastructure will be required to ensure the waste collection, processing and management needs of the region are met effectively, economically and sustainably.

“We’ve been working closely with councils to develop a region-wide collaborative approach that will sustainably accommodate this rapid growth and minimise the amount of material destined for landfill.

“Broadly speaking, Gippswide Kerbside will open opportunities for the waste management and resource recovery sector to leverage market efficiencies, maximise economic development and investment, and provide positive environmental outcomes for the region,” Mr Peake said.

“It will be pivotal to the sector’s ability to transition to a low carbon, circular economy, an approach that aligns with requirements outlined in the Recycling Victoria Policy.”

Cr Middlemiss agreed and added, “The region is well positioned to adapt, collaborate, and innovate in the delivery of quality waste management and resource recovery; the Forum looks forward to being involved in the transition of such an essential service for Gippsland.”

Caption: (L-R) Gippsland Local Government Waste Forum Chair Cr Graham Middlemiss, former Chair Dick Ellis and incoming Deputy Chair Cr John Tatterson.

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