Food Waste Recycling For Business

Source: MWRRG.

A new guide aims to help cafes, restaurants, and other hospitality and retail businesses reduce costs by recycling more of the 237,000 tonnes of food waste currently going to landfill.

The guide follows the release of new figures, based on 433 audits in the food retail and hospitality sector, which shows a significant opportunity to cut costs by reducing or recycling up to 98% of food waste currently sent to landfill.

Food waste currently sent to landfill—nearly enough to fill Melbourne’s Eureka Tower—costs businesses money and releases greenhouse gases when it breaks down in landfill.

The guide provides practical advice to help businesses reduce or recycle their food waste. Food waste recycling collection services and on site systems to dehydrate, process or compost food waste are among the solutions provided in the guide.

It offers practical solutions for businesses to overcome common barriers—such as staff education, cost and space—which prevent them from recycling food waste.

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