Fed Govt Commits $4M To Fight Food Waste

Source: Waste Management Review.

The Federal Government has announced $4 million in seed funding to create a new independent entity that will be responsible for driving food waste reduction in Australia.

“As part of the government’s ambitious commitment to halve Australia’s food waste by 2030, partnership proposals are being sought to establish a new food waste governance body to drive our National Food Waste Strategy,” Environment Minister Sussan Ley said.

“This new body will be a catalyst for tackling food waste in Australia by bringing together industry, businesses, government, research institutions and food rescue organisations to find innovative, practical solutions to our food waste problems.

“By reducing food waste, we can put money back into household budgets, improve business bottom lines and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.”

According to Ley, Australia wastes more than 7.3 million tonnes of food every year  – costing the economy over $20 billion annually.

“Households account for around a third of Australia’s food waste, throwing away 3.1 million tonnes of edible food a year, which costs the average household between $2200 and $3800,” she said.

Ley added that the new governance body will operate in partnership with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

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