CSIRO On A Mission To End Plastic Waste

Source: Waste Management Review.

CSIRO’s Ending Plastic Waste Mission will develop cutting-edge science and innovation to change the way Australia makes, uses, recycles and disposes of plastics.

An initial $50 million will be invested in the mission, funded through contributions by CSIRO, industry, government, university, and other organisations.

Australians consume one million tonnes of single use plastic each year – with just 12 per cent recycled. Three-quarters of the plastic found along Australia’s coastline is single-use plastics.

With global use of plastic expected to double by 2040, CSIRO’s Chief Executive Larry Marshall said the challenge was far bigger than any one institution and needed a Team Australia approach.

“The Ending Plastic Waste Mission will bring together the whole innovation system, from government, industry and academia to turn science into solutions that will benefit the environment and create economic opportunities for Australia,” Dr Marshall said.

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Photo: CSIRO and Murdoch University are developing 100 per cent compostable bioplastics which can break down in compost, land or water. (Murdoch University)

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