Clean Up Australia’s Rubbish Report – plastic waste is on the rise

Source: Clean Up Australia.

Clean Up Australia’s annual Rubbish Report reveals plastic waste has increased year-on-year, with further research indicating it will rise further in 2021 as a direct outcome of the pandemic. 

The findings also reveal half of all single items reported in 2020 were either plastic or contain plastic, over 40% of rubbish found within parks is plastics and packaging continues to dominate rubbish counts, representing 49.8% of all reported rubbish during the year.

The claims are further substantiated with research by the Pact Group showing more than 1 in 3 Australian households were producing more packaging waste during lockdown periods and 55% of Aussies saying they are now more concerned about product packaging waste than they were in 2019.
Clean Up Australia Chairman, Pip Kiernan, commenting on the findings, noted that it is more important than ever that all Australians take action to curb the growing increase in single-use plastics.
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