Clean-up Australia Plogathon

Held over the next three months, the Clean Up Australia PLOG-A-THON is the perfect way to get out in your local area. Socially responsible, physically distant exercise that leads to a cleaner environment and community – what’s not to love?

With no one able to do official Clean Ups over the recent weeks, we’ve noticed a lot more rubbish around the neighbourhood. We also know a lot of people are keen to do something good for the planet. And what could be better than getting fitter by picking up litter?

The PLOG-A-THON is a great way to burn off energy, get the whole family involved – and raise funds for Clean Up Australia. All participants will pay a $20 registration fee and receive a plogging kit containing gloves, hand sanitiser and bags. As with traditional walk-a-thons and other fun runs, you can register as an individual or join a virtual team, setting targets for fundraising, distance covered and litter collection.

Funds raised will enable Clean Up Australia to provide educational resources and clean up materials free of charge to school and youth groups, educating the next generation on the importance of protecting and caring for the environment.

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