Australian-made Solution To Mountains Of Dumped Car Tyres

Source: ABC News.

An innovative Australian is doing his bit to tackle the mountains of used tyres going into landfill by recycling them for use on farms.

“I looked down and I saw old woven tyre mats and I thought why are we bringing someone else’s problems into Australia?” Mr Henry said.

“I started speaking to a couple of producers and they said the mats are brilliant, they just stop the cattle slipping, and fatalities, and I thought, ‘well, I’ll have a crack at it’.”

At first it was a risky job, tackled by hand with an angle grinder. Tyre Stewardship Australia helped Mr Henry buy a much safer, more efficient machine to slice away the tyre walls.

His woven tyre tread mats were fastened with steel studs and anchored to the ground in high traffic areas for livestock.

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