Aligning Recycling And Manufacturing In The COVID Era


The UNSW SMaRT (Sustainable Materials Research and Technology) Centre is helping to align recycling and manufacturing in the new COVID-19 era to address the challenges around delivering more sustainable product outcomes.

As organisations and businesses started to experience difficulty in obtaining materials and products for their operations, the notion of ‘sovereign capability’ — where a nation relies more on its own resources and materials — has provided a boost to the sustainability discussion.

Across Australia, what we really need is an alignment of recycling and manufacturing and to start seeing waste as a valuable (and renewable) resource for much of the materials we use in society.

Adopting and operationalising circular economies — where materials are kept in use for as long as possible to create greater sustainability — will really only occur through such an alignment.

Read full article by Professor Veena Sahajwalla, UNSW SMaRT Centre

Image caption: Professor Veena Sahajwalla, UNSW SMaRT Centre.
Credit: Anna Kucera

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