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Board Members and Committees

Board of Directors

The Board is the governing body of Resource Recovery Gippsland, one of Victoria’s seven Waste and Resource Recovery Groups.

The responsible minister is the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.

The Gippsland Local Government Waste Forum nominates four members to the Minister to be appointed to the Board. Through an open process, a further four skills-based Directors are appointed to ensure the Board has the skills and experience to deliver its responsibilities.

Meet our Board

RICHARD A ELLIS (Chair) | 1 August 2014 to 30 April 2021

Richard EllisRichard Ellis has served as Chair of the Board since its inception in August 2014, is a current member of the Member of the Remuneration and Performance Committee and represents East Gippsland Shire Council on the Gippsland Forum

He has a wide and diverse professional background in public administration and business across several sectors and brings a keen eye to the role of Chair and the management of waste in Gippsland. His interest and involvement with waste management has been further enhanced by maintaining his local shire’s waste portfolio.

Richard is very active in the Gippsland area and has held several statutory and community positions. His roles include Chair of the Gippsland Coastal Board, Councillor on the East Gippsland Shire and former President of the Lakes Entrance Surf Life Saving Club among other positions.

CHIRS BADGER | 1 August 2014 to 30 April 2022

Chris BadgerChris Badger was appointed to the Board on 1 August 2014 as a general director and is the current Chair of the Audit, Risk and Finance Committee. Chris has over 30 years’ experience both in Australia and internationally in the utilities, energy, and infrastructure sectors at senior executive level having held positions with Loy Yang Power, WestNet Energy, Alinta Ltd, E.ON Ag and Powergen PLC.

Chris is a Director of Gippsland Ports (from August 2019), Director of Gippsland Water (2017 - present), Independent member of the Wellington Shire Audit and Risk Committee (2016 - present), Trustee Super Director (2012) and is a Director of his own consultancy business (2012 - present).

He was formerly a skill-based Director with Stormwater Australia (2017 - 2018), Independent Director with the Australasian Corrosion Association (2016 - 2018), South Gippsland Water Authority (2011 - 2017), Murray Irrigation Ltd (2014- 2016), Associate Director with Madison Cross - a management consultancy business (2014 -2017), and Director and Deputy Chair of Trafalgar and District Bendigo Community Bank (2009 - 2011). Chris has a Bachelor of Engineering and has post-graduate business training from AICD (where he is a Graduate and Fellow), Stanford University, Warwick University, and London Business School.

GAYLE MAHER | 31 October 2017 to 30 April 2021

Gayle MaherGayle Maher joined the Board on 30 April 2017, is a current member of the Member of the Remuneration and Performance Committee and represents Wellington Shire Council on the Gippsland Forum.

This is Gayle’s first time as an elected Councillor. Prior to this Gayle, a full-time mother, volunteered locally spending many years as secretary of Port Albert Progress Association which involved being editor and publisher of the ‘Port Albert Tattler’. Gayle also served as secretary of Port Albert Racecourse & Recreation Reserve Committee of Management for a term and presently is a member of Port Albert Mechanics Institute Committee of Management, Tarra Festival Committee and the Port Albert Maritime Museum.

Gayle is creator and administrator of ‘Discover Port Albert’ Facebook page and is presently studying a Diploma of Family History. She holds an Associate Diploma in Business Law spending time as a law clerk, however more recently operated and managed.

PAMELA ROTHFIELD | 31 October 2017 to 30 April 2021

Pamela RothfieldPamela Rothfield joined the Board on 31 October 2017 and represents Bass Coast Shire Council on the Gippsland Forum.

Pamela commenced her working life at Village Roadshow, where she learned the disciplines required to work in an executive team of a large structured organisation. Pamela progressed to take on an executive role, Manager of Acquisitions for Roadshow Distributors, regularly travelling overseas negotiating the multi-million-dollar purchase of film distribution rights for the territory of Australasia.

Today, Pamela and her sister own a large IT company, which they bought as a fledgling business in 1992. It is now run by an executive team, which has allowed her to step away from the day-to-day management.

In her role as Mayor and a Councillor, Pamela is a member of the following committees: Bass Coast Shire Council Audit Committee, Car Ferry Project Steering Committee (Chair), Chief Executive Officer Employment Matters Committee, Rural Engagement Group, Australian Coastal Councils Association Inc, Gippsland Local Government Network, Peri Urban Group of Councils, Phillip Island Nature Park Community Advisory Committee. She also holds a Diploma in Accounting.

SISKA HESTER | 1 August 2018 to 30 April 2022

Siska HesterSiska Hester was appointed to the board in August 2018 as a general director and is a member of the Remuneration and Performance Committee.

She is an experienced environmental professional having worked within both government (state and local) and private industry.

Siska has worked across a broad-range of environmental issues including waste, resource consumption, climate change mitigation and adaption, biodiversity and pollution control. This experience has provided Siska with a strong understanding of environmental legislation and barriers and drivers to improved environmental performance.

A mother of two young children, Siska has a deep commitment to sustainability with a particular interest in reducing household consumption and waste.

Siska holds a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and a Diploma of Management. She is a certified and experienced environmental auditor and is trained and qualified in conducting investigations.

GLENN CAMPBELL | 1 August 2018 to 30 April 2022

Glenn CampbellGlenn Campbell was appointed to the board in August 2018 as a general director and is a member of the Audit, Risk and Finance Committee.

Glenn Campbell has worked predominately in education and the public sector for over 20 years. During that time, he has held roles with a primary focus on strategy, customer service, corporate services, and public policy. He has worked as a senior executive, internal consultant, and change agent.

His time in senior leadership roles has brought wider exposure to the Asia Pacific region particularly New Zealand, China, Singapore, Taiwan, and India. Glenn has held various board appointments related to his work in public policy and education.

Glenn’s interest in waste management, resource recovery and sustainability originated early in his career at the (then) City of Kew as a Waste Management Officer. During the mid 2000s, he returned to the sector leading policy reform for the Victorian Government.

Glenn holds qualifications in business (Bachelors) & organisational change (Masters); is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and a career member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (CAHRI).

TRICIA JONES | 31 October 2018 to 30 April 2021

Tricia JonesTricia Jones joined the Board on 31 October 2018, if a member of the Audit, Risk and Finance Committee and represents Baw Baw Shire Council on the Gippsland Forum.

Tricia is an elected Councillor on the Baw Baw Shire Council and her commitment to local government spans over 10 years. Her motivation and involvement in local government is driven by her desire to protect the things that the community holds dear; the Shire’s country feel and beautiful natural environment, whilst at the same time be responsive to the needs of the community as the Shire continues to experience unprecedented growth.

Tricia is passionate about the community’s ability to “have their say”. She is a member of several Council Advisory Committees, is a Rotarian and a volunteer in other community areas.

Formerly a secondary school teacher and a small business owner, Tricia has a strong interest in young people and providing an environment which enables and supports an even better place to live, work and play.

KERRYN SCHRANK | 30 June 2019 to 30 April 2023

Kerryn Schrank was appointed to the board on 30 June 2019 as a general director.

Kerryn is an experienced senior leader in environmental science, education and sustainability and has worked across Europe and Australia.

She has over 25 years of experience working in private, government and non-government ‘for purpose’ sectors, in both local community and global multinationals.

Kerryn brings a wealth of specialist skills and experience across strategy and planning, with a proven track record of innovating and facilitating positive change. She is passionate about challenging and influencing conventional thinking and leadership to drive more innovative, high performing and sustainable business models.





>Resource Recovery Gippsland Board Charter_Dec 2019

Audit, Risk and Finance Committee

In accordance with the Financial Management Act 1994, the Audit, Risk and Finance Committee assists the Board fulfil its function through reviewing:

  1. the financial reports and other financial information produced by the company
  2. the company’s internal control systems across the accounting, finance, IT and other functions/disciplines
  3. the company’s process for legal and regulatory compliance
  4. the company’s auditing and reporting processes generally, and
  5. assessing the company’s process for identification, assessment and management of risk.

Local Government Waste Forum

The Environment Protection Act 1970 establishes a Local Government Waste Forum to support the effective operation of Resource Recovery Gippsland.

Each Gippsland council nominates a Councillor as a Representative to the Forum. In addition, a council may nominate a senior staff member as an Advisory Member to the Forum.

Forum Objectives

  1. Develop the capacity of local government to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable waste and resource recovery planning and management across the region.
  2. Engage with industry, government and community stakeholders to improve waste and resource recovery management and planning.
  3. Assist the Board to engage councils across the Region in the planning and management of waste.
  4. Nominate four members to the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water for appointment to the Board of Directors, in accordance with the EP Act.


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