5 Ways Sustainability Practices Are Good for Business

Environmental sustainability in business is a hot topic at the moment, but can going green really boost your bottom line?

The simple answer is yes.

Walk down the aisle in your local supermarket and it’s easy to see how sustainability concepts have permeated almost every aisle. Terms such as “local ingredients”, “sustainably sourced”, “organic” and “natural” are now commonplace. Consumers are also more likely to question the authenticity of such claims and the internet makes them easier than ever to verify.

Recent trends indicate that action on climate change and sustainability has evolved into a strategic and operational necessity that is critical to future business prosperity.

So, what can your business do? 

1. Give your customers what they want

2. Cut costs and waste with sustainable options

  • Restricting or placing a cost on plastic bag use
  • Make sustainability part of your procurement process
  • Participating in industry programs

3. Be an employer of choice

4. Be hyperlocal

5. Promote your sustainability credentials

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