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Source: Bairnsdale Advertiser.

Tip Innovation

The Tip Shop deconstructs approximately 150 mattresses per month to divert them from going to landfill. The springs and wooden frames are recycled.

A small amount of material is sold to the public for weed matting and tree protectors. The textiles and foam from mattress deconstruction has been going back to landfill, incurring a fee for the Tip Shop.

Recently the Tip Shop made a substantial investment in a baling machine to bale the mattress foam which is then sent to Melbourne to a company who repurpose it and turns it into carpet underlay.

This initiative not only saves approximately one tonne of mattress foam going to landfill per month, it also provides further employment opportunities at the Tip Shop. The Tip Shop now employs nine staff.

The Tip Shop gratefully acknowledges the shire support in covering the electrical installation cost needed for the baling machine.

The Bairnsdale Repair Cafe held a pop-up session as part of the Far East Landcare Sustainability Expo as part of the Orbost show.

It was a great experience for part of the repair team as their first session in Bairnsdale was postponed due to restrictions.

As part of the expo the repair cafe repaired and restored garden tools, some included tightening, sharpening, sanding and oiling secateurs, shovels, hedge shears.

The team was delighted to meet Costa Georgiadas, who is a huge supporter of the repair cafe movement.

Sometimes items can be destined for landfill before they even leave the store.

Choosing to purchase quality items that can be maintained and repaired creates less impact and less items going into landfill. Learning to repair and maintain your items provides a great sense of pride and sharing those skills with others can be a fulfilling experience.

The Bairnsdale Repair Cafe started last Saturday and will be running on the third Saturday of the month at The Hub, Bairnsdale.

There will be individual stations set up with a broad range of volunteer repairers such as a sewing/mending, bike maintenance, garden tools, simple jewellery, household items and more.

While you wait for your repairer you can enjoy a tea or coffee.

Nothing to repair? Feel free to head along and find out what it is all about and enjoy a cuppa, too.

Of course there will be no guarantee that the items in question will be fixed, but every attempt will be made to do so.

Consider yourself a bit of a tinkerer? Contact the Bairnsdale Repair cafe today.


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