The Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GWRRG) is pleased to share with you its fresh new look - RESOURCE RECOVERY GIPPSLAND.


Inspiring Gippsland to maximise resources and minimise waste.

Imagine a Gippsland where we create an economy and a society that values the material we discard.

A region that leads the way in managing this material as a resource that supports jobs, drives innovation and fulfils genuine sustainability opportunities and outcomes.

Valuing waste as a resource is not only important at an individual and household level
but is a high priority for sustainability across the region.

Resource Recovery Gippsland works with local councils, state government, industry and business, communities and schools, supporting the region’s journey in maximising resources and minimising waste.

People recycling coffee cups

Encouraging Gippslanders to rethink their approach to waste and resources.

> Rethink

Take time to think about:

  • what you need and want
  • what you buy and consume
  • how you use and reuse
  • how you deal with what you no longer need/want.

Your understanding of what’s possible directly influences your choices.

> Reduce

Your purchasing habits can help reduce waste from the outset:

  • avoid unnecessary packaging
  • plan, so that you buy only what’s needed
  • choose quality over quantity.

Use your buying power to shop smart, shop sustainably.

> Reuse

Cut down on disposable items by substituting reusable products - start with reusable:

  • water bottles
  • shopping bags
  • coffee cups.

Reuse is also about borrowing, repairing or repurposing – keeping things in use for as long as possible.

> Recycle

Know what can and can’t be recycled in your local government area.

Visit your council website to find out what can go in your recycling bin.

Importantly, buy Australian products that are recycled or have recycled content.


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